Creation of two production sites

For the period 2018 to 2020, the Cascade Industrial Park plans to create two production sites for the following projects:

1. Manufacturing of innovative polymeric materials on the basis of fluoroplastics with the following physico-chemical properties:

  • ultrahigh abrasion resistance,
  • ultra-low plastic flow deformation,
  • high chemical resistance (resistance to concentrated acids, alkalies, hydrocarbons, sea water, etc.)
  • high thermal stability (up to +250 C),
  • cold resistance (up to -190 C),
  • zero moisture absorption and swelling effects,
  • high antiadhesive properties,
  • high dielectric properties.

2. Implementation of the “Betavoltaic Batteries Production” investment project.
The current trend in microelectronics is a significant decrease in the electric power consumption, which is raising interest in the use of batteries of 10 μW to 60 μW.

According to public sources, in 2020, the world will use 18 billion low power consumption sensors that require autonomous electric power supply.


Sphere Application Options
Medicine and Health Care Cardiostimulators, defibrillators, neurostimulants, bionic prostheses, etc.
Industrial production and infrastructure Systems for monitoring the integrity of structures and

pipelines, systems for monitoring the condition of

(gate) valves, gas analyzers, identification marks, etc.

Armament and ammunition Security sensors, access control sensors, serviceman condition monitoring, eavesdropping devices.
Telecommunication equipment Power supply systems for portable devices, computer integrated systems, etc.

About us

Currently, the main objective of the Cascade Industrial Park is to attract residents to the Industrial Park site. The necessary engineering infrastructure is available.



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